Welcome to Bewitching New York: A straight forward blog about the myriad of practices and traditions in the Magickal Arts Community, primarily geared toward solitary practitioners, written by a solitary practitioner. Bewitching New York offers a wide range of information, practical advice, musings—and even a rant or two– on all things magick, in a straight forward, no frills and pull no punches kind of way.

If you’re tired of the “Holier than thou” approach to spirituality, look no further. Bewitching New York is the blog and resource for magical misfits, the outcasts and for those just tired of the bullshit politics and delicate dance of “Proper Pagan Decorum”.

After all….

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Thank you for buckling up and riding this broom with me. I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy contributing to it.

Be blessed,